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Crane Simulator

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This program simulates dock-side cranes, and is used as a training aid for aspiring crane operators. The hardware resembles the interior of the crane cabin, with 3D graphics and physics simulating the actual dockside environment. There is also a trainer station, from which trainers can both modify environmental effects as well as observe the progress of the trainee. Multiple trainees can work within the same simulation.

There was a small team of developers working on this, and my job scope was to engineer the input system, interfacing it with the hardware, as well as providing a “virtual console” which can be used to test the product on a PC. I also provided consultation for the programmer who was in charge of implementing the physics using the PhysX engine.

The graphics implementation was farmed out to yet another company, which was pretty screwball. In the end, it was a huge project that employed a few individual disparate teams. It would probably have been much simpler to have all the development done under one roof.

I’m not sure if the company has gone live with this, so no pictures or names for now.

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