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Virtual Store

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This is a shopping store simulation where customers can browse store products and purchase them through a realistic 3D application. The virtual environment is an exact replica of the brick-and-mortar store itself. The purchasable products are also exact look-a-likes of the real goods. Customers can manipulate these products, rotating and zooming in on them in full 3D.

This was all done using… wait for it… the Unreal Engine 3! Say overkill? It’s amazing what can be done when you have budget. We were sent to Shanghai for a 3 day training course and consultation. After that, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Our artist was going balls-to-the wall with all the fancy shader effects. I’m pretty sure he was in a constant state of artgasm.

Meanwhile, I got to touch on the finer points of Unrealscript and the underlying engine. What we came up with in the end was pretty darn good looking. But from what I know, it isn’t really launched (yet?). So no pictures. *shakes fist at NDA*

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