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This was the first freelance project I had for a group of individuals rather than an established company. These people were business opportunists as opposed to game industry veterans, making it all the more harder. All in all, it was an interesting is somewhat painful learning experience.

What we did manage to develop was an online Hong Kong style Mahjong game, with AI opponents as well as multiplayer action. It was meant to be an offshore-hosted online gambling deal. After going through the design and showing them the storyboards, it was decided that it would be done in 2D. Thus I employed Haaf’s Game Engine and integrated that with CEGUI.

Unfortunately, the clients weren’t too happy with the 2D look and feel when they saw it, and we eventually ended up tweaking it by making it pseudo 3D with fake perspective transforms. This too, caused artifacts, and it was evident that they needed a 3D implementation. Something that they weren’t prepared to budget for.

In the end, I let this project go, feeling so bad that I refunded them half of their initial paid-up fee. What I picked up from this is that you can never do too much storyboarding, especially with clients who are inexperienced with the gaming industry.

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