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Oversight is a stand-alone mod made for World of Warcraft. It is a unit frames Addon specially designed for arena and battleground play to present data in a way that is easier to assimilate by the average or beginner player. It may also find use by advanced players when making videos to better illustrate their strategies and swaps as targeting is made very visible to the user.


Latest Changes in 1.02(a)

  • Fixed issue where in BGs and raids, the team members would be wrongly locked.
  • Updated to be compatible with patch 4.01
  • Temporarily disabled spec detection.
  • No default buff list provided till I have time to weed through the spell ids. Existing buff lists on old characters however, will remain. You can still copy profiles between characters.

Latest Changes in 1.01

  • Pet health bars and bars in general made more responsive.
  • Removed now-redundant Russian translation for buff list.

Latest Changes in 1.0

  • Coloured health bars to turn red with health status
  • Made default buff list local agnostic
  • Bugfix for DRs not always disappearing when expired
  • Bugfix for not all frames updating if the same unit is in multiple frames
  • Coloured player names with their class colours

Latest Changes in 0.91

  • Added option to turn off cast warning sound
  • Bugfix for said warning sound not always going off
  • Bugfix on PvP Trinket indicator to make it locale agnostic
  • Added Russian translation for default buff list. Translation courtesy of Кагасиро – Вечная Песня E


  • Movable, scalable unit frames arranged in a pleasing circular formation.
  • Original Blizzard unit frame artwork, because circles are cool.
  • Enemy frames are party targets during normal use, but are arena opponents when inside an arena.
  • Spotlight targeting system to visibly show who’s targeting whom, with a number of spotlight options.
  • Cast bar for each tracked unit.
  • Aura configuration so that specific buffs/debuffs may be displayed for ally or enemy players. Aura’s may be shown in a ranked list of seven, or may replace the character’s portrait.
  • Configurable Unit Frame highlighting for poison, curse, magic and disease debuffs on friendly players, as well as dispellable buffs on enemy players.
  • Race portraits for all units except pets.
  • Raid target icons display.
  • Spec detection and display.
  • Locking of party member frames so that the same party members are displayed in the same order and same raid target icons when entering battlegrounds or arenas.
  • Sound alert for when the focus target is casting a spell, or when the target is casting a spell if there is no focus target.
  • Diminishing returns tracker that tracks up to six diminishing return types.
  • PvP Trinket tracker.
  • Profile manager to copy configurations from other characters.
  • Extremely low resource usage.
  • Does not depend on the combat log.

Known Issues

  • Diminishing returns will count down on a selected target if the target was previously selected and had a non-expired debuff of that DR type. This is because Oversight has no way of knowing when exactly the debuff expired unless somebody had it targeted at the time.

7 Comments on “Oversight”

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  3. 3 unrealx said at 4:50 pm on January 30th, 2011:

    hey, i love Oversight so much, but how can i cancel the link between Unit frames? in 5on5 arena it’s so comlicated…..

  4. 4 Eugene said at 8:46 pm on January 30th, 2011:

    1. Type /oversight or /os
    2. Click on “Spotlights”
    3. Uncheck “Show Friendly Spotlights”
    4. Uncheck “Show Unfriendly Spotlights”

  5. 5 Beerman said at 9:08 am on April 20th, 2011:

    I really love this addon. Its outstanding for Arena and Rated BGs. Please keep develloping it.


  6. 6 Beerman said at 5:52 am on April 29th, 2011:

    Please, make it 4.1 ready. 🙂

  7. 7 Beerman said at 6:53 am on May 8th, 2011:

    Hello again. Actually i use TargetAssist, but Oversight is much better. Please make it run on the actual WOW version. ;(

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